Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Varying Sentence Beginnings

1. Non-finite and verbless clause
1.1. gerund-participle
Using histidine - tagged recombinant TR6 , we screened soluble forms of TNF - ligand proteins with immunoprecipitation .

counter example:
Immunoblotting experiments indicate that GRB2 associates with ...

1.2. past-participle
Based on the experiences of all the authors , we emphasized cell cycle inhibitors such as p16 and p21 and regulators of apoptosis such as p53 and members of the bcl - 2 family .

1.3. to-infinitival
To examine whether GRB2 is also a component of ras signaling in mammalian cells , microinjection studies were performed .

2. dependent clause
As previously shown with reticulocyte lysate - reconstituted steroid receptor heteroprotein complexes , the reconstituted pp60 src multiprotein complex contains hsp70

Although both unstimulated and activated human T cells express high affinity IL - 7R , only activated T cells can proliferate to IL - 7 .

3. preposition phrase
In addition , hsp90 in the lysate complexes with wild - type pp60v - src .

From Scatchard analyses , the Kd :s for binding of aFGF and bFGF to hFGFR - 1 were estimated to 25 pM and 41 pM , respectively .

4. adverb
Interestingly , GRB2 exhibits striking structural and functional homology to the C. elegans protein sem - 5 .

5. noun phrase (an object)
The letter , I read it to to you.

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